Easy Home Cleaning Checklist For Every Home Owner

professional southampton cleanersIt is important to ensure that your home is clean. When doing so you need to employ an elaborate cleaning schedule that will make your work efficient, quick and super easy. With this checklist, you will focus on key areas that are prone to dirt and very visible.

Begin with the kitchen. In the kitchen, it is advisable to start with the hardest job. To ensure that your kitchen is sparkling clean, ensure that you are up to date with the following weekly tasks.

  1. Clean the exterior of the appliances.
  2. Mop the floor
  3. Wipe the cabinet doors and the counters
  4. Polish and scour the sink.

The clean the bathroom. When washing your bathroom spend some time to give your fixtures a little TLC. Utilize general purpose spray cleaners or mix water and vinegar to clean your sink, tub, toilet exterior, and the faucets. Utilize an antibacterial cleaner for heavy duty disinfecting on toilet bowl as well as the baking soda paste on tough grime. Refrain from using abrasives on scratchable surfaces.

Dust the shelves and furniture. By getting rid of dust, you will protect your stationary as well as improving your home air quality. Evacuate accumulated dust particles from furniture and other regions. When dusting use soft, non-scratching that hold and pick up dust. When cleaning fine wood furniture utilize dusting clothes as a substitute of silicone sprays.

Vacuum or shake area rugs. Ensure that your area rugs are in a great condition by caring for them as you would wall to wall carpet. When it comes to small rugs that are difficult to vacuum, take them outdoors and shake them thoroughly, or you can hang them over the clothesline and beat them utilizing a broom to evacuate dirt and dust.

Vacuum living areas. Vacuuming your house once every week ensures that low accumulation of debris and dust. Prior to doing so, collect large debris, buttons, scraps of paper and objects that can damage your vacuum hoses and belts. Make sure that you vacuum evenly and steadily in overlapping parallel manner.

Mop hard surfaces. Mopping is a less expensive and effective way to keep your home sparkling clean. Wet mops are utilized for scrubbing as well applying sanitizing solutions to your kitchen floors and bathrooms. Press the firmly to the floor and move it along in overlapping strokes. While mopping, ensure that you wipe up liquid spillage because such liquids can damage wood surfaces.

Finally, though the above checklist incorporates some of the important tips on how to clean your home, it is critical that you adhere to them to ensure a dirt free and conducive environment for your family.

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