About First Night USA

Ice… Lights… Action!

For 40 years, First Night USA has been a cherished tradition and a signature event for our city. It has been a very successful New Year’s Eve celebration of artistic performances, the wonders of the season and the beginning of a new year.

Celebrate the USA

First Night

This celebration will be free and open to all. Entertainment and specialty attractions will be available throughout many cities in the US. Many of the beloved traditions of First Nights past will be retained, including the ice sculptures and light displays and the Midnight Fireworks. In addition, arts and musical performances will take place in numerous inside and outside venues around the heart of the event.

Highlights of the Night


FAMILY FESTIVAL of arts performances, including ice sculptures and ice skating.

PARADES across over 10 cities.

FIRST NIGHT LIGHT AND ICE PARTY with music and dancing for the last great party of the year

MIDNIGHT FIREWORKS in a dazzling display of celebration





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Happy Fourth of July!

We’re very proud to ring in our countries New Year (see what we did there) with all of our families, and are happy to share it with our online family as well. We wish you all the best on this (rainy) Saturday… Be careful with any fireworks and make sure to keep a fire extinguisher nearby! Now here is a bit of patriotism for you to enjoy!


Easy Home Cleaning Checklist For Every Home Owner

professional southampton cleanersIt is important to ensure that your home is clean. When doing so you need to employ an elaborate cleaning schedule that will make your work efficient, quick and super easy. With this checklist, you will focus on key areas that are prone to dirt and very visible.

Begin with the kitchen. In the kitchen, it is advisable to start with the hardest job. To ensure that your kitchen is sparkling clean, ensure that you are up to date with the following weekly tasks.

  1. Clean the exterior of the appliances.
  2. Mop the floor
  3. Wipe the cabinet doors and the counters
  4. Polish and scour the sink.

The clean the bathroom. When washing your bathroom spend some time to give your fixtures a little TLC. Utilize general purpose spray cleaners or mix water and vinegar to clean your sink, tub, toilet exterior, and the faucets. Utilize an antibacterial cleaner for heavy duty disinfecting on toilet bowl as well as the baking soda paste on tough grime. Refrain from using abrasives on scratchable surfaces.

Dust the shelves and furniture. By getting rid of dust, you will protect your stationary as well as improving your home air quality. Evacuate accumulated dust particles from furniture and other regions. When dusting use soft, non-scratching that hold and pick up dust. When cleaning fine wood furniture utilize dusting clothes as a substitute of silicone sprays.

Vacuum or shake area rugs. Ensure that your area rugs are in a great condition by caring for them as you would wall to wall carpet. When it comes to small rugs that are difficult to vacuum, take them outdoors and shake them thoroughly, or you can hang them over the clothesline and beat them utilizing a broom to evacuate dirt and dust.

Vacuum living areas. Vacuuming your house once every week ensures that low accumulation of debris and dust. Prior to doing so, collect large debris, buttons, scraps of paper and objects that can damage your vacuum hoses and belts. Make sure that you vacuum evenly and steadily in overlapping parallel manner.

Mop hard surfaces. Mopping is a less expensive and effective way to keep your home sparkling clean. Wet mops are utilized for scrubbing as well applying sanitizing solutions to your kitchen floors and bathrooms. Press the firmly to the floor and move it along in overlapping strokes. While mopping, ensure that you wipe up liquid spillage because such liquids can damage wood surfaces.

Finally, though the above checklist incorporates some of the important tips on how to clean your home, it is critical that you adhere to them to ensure a dirt free and conducive environment for your family.

Home Appliance Ideas for Small Apartment Living

Small apartments are a pain, but they are also a common necessity for life in a big city. With rents skyrocketing faster than wages, sometimes we have to settle for smaller domiciles. Of course, this doesn’t mean we can’t continue to enjoy ourselves as we would in a regular, large apartment. We’ve put together a couple of tips to make living in a smaller, compact apartment a breeze, even if you have a mentality that is larger than life :)

Counter Top Dishwashers

I swear, I didn’t even know these things existed 2 years ago, when I first saw it at my Aunt’s apartment. After spending nearly 8 years in a dish-washer free apartment, I forget dishwashers for even a thing. I was so used to doing my own dishes that I was resigned to the fact that an appliance couldn’t help me. When I saw the mini-dishwasher I was amazed. What the hell? This thing is so clutch, it fits right on the counter top and can fit a decent set of plates and glasses (the manual says it serves a set of 4).

The downside is that it can’t really do big pots and pans, those will have to be done by hand. That’s ok though, as long as you get some use out of the thing, and save yourselve the time of washing dishes manually. It’s a steal at around $250. I would highly recommend it.

I’ve only had mine for 2 years, but my Aunt has had hers for nearly 5 years and she says it still works like a charm.

PROTIP: Get commercial grade dish detergent if you can (with phosphates). I found mine at www.restockit.com. I got a package of 6 and it’s going to last me until I get old.

Stackable Washer Dryer Sets

This is another key innovation that I didn’t even realize was a thing. Of course, of washer/dryers you need a water hookup and a gas hookup, and some apartments don’t have that, but if you can finagle it (or if you rent out the first floor of a house) you can hook up one of these bad boys in a closet or tuck it away in a corner. I did some research about this a few months back and came across a good source of information, Stackable Washer & Dryer is a blog devoted specifically the stacked washer and dryer units, and has over 20 write-ups of various models. If you can get one with free shipping, I’d recommend it, as the shipping on these things can cost you over $100.

Obviously, as with most things in a compact space, you are going to have less capacity for clothes in both the washer and the dryer. I would recommend taking it easy and doing more loads with fewer clothes, rather then jamming it with a ton of heavy clothes at once. You don’t want to have to get it repaired. I never listened to my grandmother when she asked me to do the same, but now that it’s me paying the repair bills, I tend to have a different mind set.

Ikea Furniture

The conversation around small apartment living wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Ikea. It’s likely the king of fitting things into small spaces. Coming from countries where (unlike America) land isn’t as plentiful, the culture is usually to fit a ton of stuff into a smaller space. Places like college dorms, Japanese apartments and broke-hipsterville Brooklyn studios will make for perfect places to put some Ikea stuff.

Also, if you’ve never travelled to Ikea and tried shopping there on a sunday afternoon, you don’t know what hell is. Go on a tuesday night to avoid the massive crowd of parent and their gross children.

Personal Playgrounds – Adding Variety and Beauty to a Backyard

Many options are available for spicing up a backyard or adding variety to a home during the beautiful spring and summer months.  Garden’s and trees add natural beauty, but playsets and swingsets add a level of architectural beauty and function that can be a excellent addition to a home.

Playsets also add many options for young children to get lots of physical activity, something lacking in many of todays homes.  Daily exercise is important for young ones, so a wooden backyard playset adds that option as well as an architectural addition and a natural looking scenery.

The installation of this option can sometimes be a difficult task.  Companies specialize in playset installation in new jersey and more than just handymen, so it’s important to pick the right one.  Don’t just settle for somje random guys that are looking for business.  Do a little research, check on Yelp or some other review site for companies in your area.

Before you do that you need to track down a good swing set itself.  Some available options are:

Gorilla Playsets

Backyard Adventures

Cedarbrook from Toys R Us

Look at some of the brilliant examples of these types of playsets.  See how beautiful they could be if given the right treatment and installation:

backyard-playground  swingset-installation-service-ny playset-assembly-service-ny

Image Source

Now that you’ve chosen the right supplier, and perhaps chosen the correct installation and assembly company, it’s now time to enjoy the spoils of your hard earned money, and get those kids out enjoying the playground.  Instead of taking time out of your day to drive to the park or sending your kids down the block, you could just have them run around in your backyard and make use of the swings, slides, or even rock-walls and tire-swings (see the pictures).

I know it’s still winter, but this time of year is the perfect time to get ready for spring, because it really is just around the corner (probably only 8 weeks away).  If we want to be best prepared to enjoy the good weather, we have to start getting ready during the bad weather.

Well, that’s pretty much it, finding a good provider of the equipment, finding a good installer of the equipment, and making sure you enjoy the finished product (once the weather turns around!).

Hope you enjoyed this!  Check out this cool video with a slideshow of some more photos of backyard playgrounds.  Perhaps you could have your yard looking like this sometime in the future!